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Artolite Indah Mediatama, PT
Artolite Indah Mediatama, PT Manufacturing
Artolite adalah merek terpercaya untuk armatur lampu (luminaire) di Indonesia dan menjadi pilihan di banyak proyek pembangunan gedung perkantoran di seluruh Indonesia.
Pengalaman kami di industri pencahayaan selama lebih dari 35 tahun memberikan jaminan pelayanan yang berkualitas bagi para pelanggan dan akan senantiasa terus dikembangkan untuk kepuasan para pelanggan.
BUT Petrogas (Basin) Ltd
BUT Petrogas (Basin) Ltd Mining
RH Petrogas Limited ("RHP") is an independent upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Singapore and listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Stock Exchange. RHP and its subsidiaries (the "Group") operate across the full range of upstream activities covering the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources. Geographically, the Group is focused in the Asia region.
Beaute Haul Internasional, PT
Beaute Haul Internasional, PT Wholesale/Retail
BeautyHaul Internasional is one of the fastest-growing beauty companies in Indonesia that aspires to be the largest vertically integrated beauty ecosystem from supply to retail. Due to its exponential growth, the company has attracted investment from reputable investor, Sequoia Capital.
CV Prima Utama
CV Prima Utama Manufacturing
Pennyu Group is a group of companies focusing in Construction, Energy, Power Tools, Equipments, Generators, Biotech, and various Living Support Needs. It has distribution centers in Central Java (Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta, Purwokerto, Tegal) and East Java (Madiun, Kediri, Malang, Jember, Sidoarjo, Tuban).
Catur Adhi Manunggal, PT
Catur Adhi Manunggal, PT Wholesale/Retail
PT. CATUR ADHI MANUNGGAL adalah sebuah Perusahaan distributor dan retail yang berhubungan dengan perairan pipa PVC, dan masih banyak lagi yang dulunya berawal dari sebuah toko kecil yang terletak disekitar jalan Kartini Semarang, yang dikelola oleh Bapak dan Ibu Tan.
Delameta Bilano, PT
Delameta Bilano, PT Construction
Delameta Bilano is a National Company that experienced as a Producer of control system technology in transportation payment in Indonesia for 29 years.

Along with the availability of vast business and exciting challenges in Indonesia as well as to local entrepreneurs to participate, PT. Delameta Bilano established on the date May 28, 1990 that based in Jl. Jend Ahamd Yani No.2, East Jakarta, as a national private company engaged in the field of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Micro Control Systems, Communications & Electronics and Trade.

PT. Delameta Bilano comply with the various national regulation, and also certified with international standard of ISO 9001 : 2015 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007. We also follow the compliance of Audited Financial Report and Audited IT System Security.

In accordance with BI (Bank Indonesia), Delameta Bilano has come into the possession of payment gateway permission to maintain and support each and every transaction within transportation sector.
Derma Konsep Estetika, PT
Derma Konsep Estetika, PT Manufacturing
PT Derma Konsep Estetika adalah Perusahaan bergerak dibidang kosmetika dengan mengedepankan kualitas dari produk yang dihasilkan.

PT Derma Konsep Estetika selalu berusaha keras untuk mencapai keunggulan industri dan operasional. Kualitas adalah pusat dari semua yang dilakukan. Tujuannya adalah untuk selalu menyediakan produk kosmetik yang sesuai dengan standar kualitas tertinggi untuk para customernya.
EP-TEC Solution Indonesia, PT
EP-TEC Solution Indonesia, PT Wholesale/Retail
Established in 2005, EP-TEC Solutions Indonesia is a value-added distributor of a high-end technology equipment that focus on collaboration products for both the enterprise and education market.
Farmalab Indoutama, PT
Farmalab Indoutama, PT Health/Social
PT. Farmalab Indoutama since 2020, FLIU has focused on supporting efforts to overcome COVID-19 through the provision of COVID-19 screening services consisting of: (1) Antigen Swab; (2) PCR Swabs; and (3) Central Processing Facilities (laboratory). In running its line of business, currently FLIU has been supported by a mobile application as a consumer and sales data collection system. However, other key business processes such as inventory and accounting are still done manually. With the increasing capacity and complexity of FLIU's operations going forward, FLIU needs a system that is able to support the inventory management, accounting, and financial reporting processes without neglecting the applications that have been built to date.
Global Tiket Network, PT
Global Tiket Network, PT IT/Communication
Tiket.com adalah sebuah situs web untuk melayani pemesanan tiket pesawat dan kereta api. Tiket.com merupakan salah satu rekan bisnis Kereta Api Indonesia di Indonesia.[3] Tiket.com juga bekerjasama dengan berbagai maskapai di Indonesia untuk memudahkan orang untuk pemesanan tiket pesawat melalui internet.
Hendra Fadli/Yauw Lidia
Hendra Fadli/Yauw Lidia Wholesale/Retail
UD Maju Bersama yang berdiri sejak tahun 1985 merupakan distributor resmi makanan beku dengan brand seperti Bernardi, Indoeskrim, Kentang Frozen Land dan juga Bart adapula produk tambahan seperti ikan dori dan ada pula aneka buah beku.
Indofresh, PT
Indofresh, PT Wholesale/Retail
PT Indofresh has a long history, in early 1970’s started as small size trading company that supplies fresh fruits to cater towards the client’s needs all around Indonesia. PT Indofresh has grown to become one of the leading and established fresh fruit importer and distributor in Indonesia. With our own sophisticated logistic system and infrastructure, we are confident to say that our company is well known for our effectiveness and efficiency toward distributing our supplies nationwide, strict quality control, flawless management, and consistent supply. In-house fleets of trucks and sea transports enable on time delivery are the main key traits that PT Indofresh promised towards our client.
Indosat Tbk, PT
Indosat Tbk, PT IT/Communication
PT Indosat Tbk, doing business as Indosat Ooredoo since 2015 due to Ooredoo's majority stake, is a telecommunications provider in Indonesia. The company offers wireless services for mobile phones, and to a lesser extent, broadband internet lines for homes. Indosat also provides other services such as IDD, fixed telecommunications, and multimedia.
Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, PT
Kampung Kearifan Indonesia, PT Manufacturing
Inspired by indigenous farmers and food artisans striving to preserve Indonesia’s food biodiversity, indigenous wisdom and spiritualism, JAVARA was founded in 2008. Javara works across agricultural value chains from production to distribution in order to preserve Indonesia’s biodiversity and bring community-based, organic products to broader markets. To date, Javara has created over 600 artisanal products and works with over 50,000 smallholder farmers across Indonesia.
Nettocyber Indonesia, PT
Nettocyber Indonesia, PT IT/Communication
Didirikan pada tahun 2001 sebagai Perusahaan Join Venture Investasi Asing bersama dengan Perusahaan Korea
Fokus terhadap penyediaan solusi ICT dalam satu atap bagi perusahaan bisnis dengan portofolio layanan untuk layanan jaringan, pusat data dan layanan yang dikelola, layanan nilai tambah dan Sistem Integrasi teknologi informasi.
Hadir di 8 kota besar dan layanan mencakup seluruh Indonesia, termasuk lebih dari 150 Gedung kantor, Kawasan Industri, jaringan Hotel bintang 5 terbesar, dan apartemen.
Didukung oleh hampir 180 professional berbakat dalam setiap keahlian pokok dengan mayoritas usia 22 – 35 tahun.
Pemerintah Provinsi DKI Jakarta
Pemerintah Provinsi DKI Jakarta Public Administration
The DKI Regional Government E-procurement System is appropriate with statutory regulations applies, covering the procurement system through (E-Order, E-Auction, E-Catalog, Forum, Web, and procurement dashboard)
Persada Medika Raya, PT
Persada Medika Raya, PT Health/Social
Persada Hospital is a hospital located in a strategic area in Malang City, located on Jalan Panji Suroso, Purwodadi Village, Blimbing District, Malang City and 10 minutes from Abd Rahman Saleh Airport and 1 minute from Malang Arjosari Terminal.

Persada Hospital offers a health service concept with exclusive image comfort, friendly staff both medical and non-medical (human touch) in providing maximum service to customers and support for a comfortable and modern room concept.
Puncak Masa Keemasan Indonesia, PT
Puncak Masa Keemasan Indonesia, PT
salah satu Group Perusahaan di Indonesia yang secara aktif bergerak di bidang manajemen produk dan layanan mulai dari : kosmetik dan produk kecantikan, barang-barang konsumsi(makanan & minuman), pakaian tradisional, desain grafis dan hiburan,” theme park “, agrobisnis, dan pendidikan.