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Farmalab Indoutama, PT
Farmalab Indoutama, PT Health/Social
PT. Farmalab Indoutama since 2020, FLIU has focused on supporting efforts to overcome COVID-19 through the provision of COVID-19 screening services consisting of: (1) Antigen Swab; (2) PCR Swabs; and (3) Central Processing Facilities (laboratory). In running its line of business, currently FLIU has been supported by a mobile application as a consumer and sales data collection system. However, other key business processes such as inventory and accounting are still done manually. With the increasing capacity and complexity of FLIU's operations going forward, FLIU needs a system that is able to support the inventory management, accounting, and financial reporting processes without neglecting the applications that have been built to date.
Persada Medika Raya, PT
Persada Medika Raya, PT Health/Social
Persada Hospital is a hospital located in a strategic area in Malang City, located on Jalan Panji Suroso, Purwodadi Village, Blimbing District, Malang City and 10 minutes from Abd Rahman Saleh Airport and 1 minute from Malang Arjosari Terminal.

Persada Hospital offers a health service concept with exclusive image comfort, friendly staff both medical and non-medical (human touch) in providing maximum service to customers and support for a comfortable and modern room concept.
Solusi Sarana Sehat, PT
Solusi Sarana Sehat, PT Health/Social
Farmaku.com adalah website apotek online penyedia obat-obatan baik ethical maupun OTC, produk perawatan kesehatan dan produk kecantikan. Tujuan Farmaku adalah memberikan kemudahan bagi pelanggan untuk mendapatkan produk kualitas dengan harga bersaing serta kenyamanan dalam pengiriman langsung ke rumah pelanggan.