Digitalize The Process

A package of solution for implementing digitalization on your system with Healthcare Management System

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Integrated Electronic Medical Record

Experience the seamless integration between our electronic medical record (EMR) solution and the government's Satu Sehat platform. Harness the power of this collaboration to revolutionize your healthcare organization and provide comprehensive care to your patients.

Ensure smooth healthcare services for your patients with BPJS Kesehatan

Elevate your patient care and optimize your healthcare's operations with our integrated solution, connecting you directly to BPJS Kesehatan. Join the growing number of healthcare providers who have embraced integration and transformed the way they serve their patients.

Comprehensive room, service, and inventory management system

Designed specifically for hospitals, our solution streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless coordination across all aspects of your facility. Transform your hospital operations with our advanced room, service, and inventory management system. 

Full Healthcare Features

Electronic Medical Record

Ensure your healthcare are aligned to SatuSehat platform  with integrated EMR  

Room, Service & Stock Management

Make sure you have an ERP system which can accurately help you to manage your services

BPJS Kesehatan

In order to actively contribute to government programs, we facilitate your healthcare to connect with BPJS Kesehatan

Integration Between Units

Digitalize integration between units will rapidly decrease untallied data from a unit to others

Appointment & Resource Scheduling

Increase your customer comfortability by serving them with an accurate appointment 

Supporting Team

You should not worry since our team is ready to support you 24/7

Why Arkana?

Arkana has extensive experience developing Odoo in the healthcare systems in various regions in Indonesia. We have successfully provided integrated and customized Odoo solutions tailored to the specific needs of these clinics.

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